A majority of the officers of the Springfield First Aid Squad are elected by the members at a special meeting held each year immediately following the regular December business meeting. Select positions are made by appointment by the President, who serves as the chief executive officer, and/or Chief, the chief operating officer.

Most offices have a one year term though each Trustee serves a staggered three-year term and members of the House Committee serve a staggered five-year term. For the year 2023, the officers of the Springfield First Aid Squad are:

Executive Officers
President Elizabeth J. Fritzen
Vice President Samantha Knee
Treasurer Marla Napurano
Secretary (Recording) Riya Gupta
Corresponding Secretary Megan Klein


Operating Officers
Chief Apu
Deputy Chief (vacancy)
First Lt. Jessica Miller
Second Lt. Jyothi Maruthanal
Supply Sgt. Joe Voorhees
Training Officer (Lt.) Jeff Shanes*

* – Appointed




House Committee
Peter Shewitz (-2024)
David Maas (-2025)
Stuart Maslow (-2026)
Juliana Silva (-2027)
Rachel Valle (-2028)


Brett Biebelberg (-2024)
Linda Maas (-2025)
Martin Gornstein (-2026)