Patient’s Rights

  • All responding personnel will be polite, compassionate, empathic and soft-spoken, respectful and well mannered.
  • Our personnel will be clean, neat, dressed in the appropriate uniform, and will look professional.
  • Our personnel will introduce themselves to you by first name. They will provide you with an ID number to identify them if you ask. They are not required to provide their last name or any other personal information; this is for the safety of our staff.
  • Our personnel will bring appropriate medical equipment and supplies to your side, based on your medical condition as reported to us by our dispatch center.
  • We will begin immediate treatment in your home or where you became ill or injured, if necessary. Appropriate ongoing care will be provided to you based on our medical expertise while following our prescribed protocols. We will do our best to clean up after ourselves without compromising your immediate care.
  • Our personnel will explain to you or your family what is being done to assist you, and we will answer any questions you may have about your treatment.
  • When required, you will be placed and properly secured on a clean stretcher with fresh sheets and wheeled as smoothly as possible to the ambulance and then through the emergency department. Your privacy, modesty and comfort will be our concern.
  • We will never use any method to discourage you from seeking further medical treatment at the closest appropriate hospital if you wish to be transported.
  • You will be transported in a clean and well-equipped ambulance to the hospital destination of your choice, provided that this hospital is within our catchment area, there is no inclement weather or severe strain on the EMS system, the hospital is not on Divert Status and that your condition does not warrant a special facility. Our personnel will advise you of any of these circumstances.
  • Your belongings, including clothing, valuables, and medications transported with you will be documented on our reports along with whom in the Emergency Department those items were given.

Authorization to Release Records

Notice of Privacy Practices