Facts For Life

When any emergency medical services (EMS) agency comes to your aid, they need to know information about you, the patient. Not just what is happening currently (“I’m having chest pain” or “I fell down the stairs”) but also information such as your name, age, existing medical conditions, and current medications.

But what happens if you are unable to speak? Or maybe you take a number of medications and, in your emergency, you forget the names of a few?

The Facts For Life form allows you to gather this information ahead of time so that it is easily available to you and the emergency responders in your time of need. Then, if you do need emergency care, the EMS providers can quickly copy down your information or, if time does not permit, take the form with you to the hospital so that all of this important information is available and there are no guesses or omisions about you. Having the right information right away can help you get the right care more quickly.

Please take a moment to download, print and complete the Facts For Life form. If your information changes, be sure to update the form as well.

It is also helpful if parents fill out these forms for their children so Dad isn’t saying “His mom knows what medicine Johnny is taking” when Mom isn’t available to give this information to the EMS providers and hospital staff herself. Similarly, consider helping your elderly parents or neighbors gather this information; they may have shaky handwriting and many items to list.