Education is critical. Public education. Initial education of our EMTs. And continuing education, since we learn new things with ongoing research and studies.

Public Education

Do you know what information our EMTs will need from you? We need to treat you, but also give the hospital staff information that may only be available in your home. For example, do you take a blood thinner? How much? How often? Complete and print the Facts for Life form so all of these details are quickly available.

 Do you know what to do if you are passing an accident before we get there? What should you do after emergency services arrive on the roadway?

Every second counts. You can start treating a patient that needs CPR or bleeding control before we are even notified. But, it is just as important to recognize a life-threatening emergency, such as a stroke, and Call 9-1-1.


EMT Initial Training Course

The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Initial Training Course is a college-level course. A standardized curriculum is set by the State of New Jersey. Most programs have been both online & in-person lectures, homework & online quizzes, plus in-class exams.

“A person must successfully complete each of the program curriculum’s seven training modules, and shall not be permitted to move on to the next consecutive module until he or she has successfully passed the examination for the previous module. A person who fails a module examination shall be permitted to re-test following remediation. A person who fails two consecutive examinations for the same module shall be automatically expelled from the EMT- Basic training program and shall be required to apply for, and participate in, an entirely new EMT-Basic training program.”

NJAC 8:40A-5.8

Continuing Education

An EMT licensed by the State of New Jersey must complete at least 48 hours of continuing education every three years. EMTs certified by the National Registry of EMTs must complete at least 40 hours of continuing education every two years. The same class can be used to meet both requirements.

The Springfield First Aid Squad hosts numerous classes in our headquarters meeting and training room. Topics range from airway management to medications and more. There are also many online and in-person offerings. They are available at other EMS agencies, through various hospitals and through dedicated training agencies. Any course approved for NJ EMT license renewal is listed in the NJEMS Public Catalog.