Support our mission

Our purpose is to benefit the people of Springfield and its surroundings, to answer emergency calls, provide ambulance transportation service to hospitals or to such other places as necessity may require, to render aid to the sick, injured or disabled, and to save life regardless of race or creed.

Springfield First Aid Squad

Mission Statement

While our personnel are our most valuable asset, we do need your financial support in order to fulfill our mission. A new ambulance costs $250,000. But, even more mundane items add up. $5 per person for personal protective equipment (PPE) which has to get changed after each patient, $2 for a roll of tape, $1.50 for an oxygen mask and the list goes on.

Your direct donation provides the means to purchase the supplies and equipment we need to fulfill our mission. You can use the Amazon Smile program to donate a portion of purchase price of the things you already buy.